How Angel Horses Become Unicorns

How Angel Horses Become Unicorns cover;

A picture book for ages 4-7+, How Angel Horses Become Unicorns is the story of a girl named Gianna and her horse, Luna. Luna loves playing dress up with Gianna and parading around as a unicorn. When Luna becomes ill, Gianna realizes that her friend will become an angel. But, with Gianna's help, will she also become a unicorn?

Illustrations by Sam Vella. Design and layout by Dennis Reed Jr. (ISBN: 979-8695661934)

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2022 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Finalist
Children’s Fiction Illustrated

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Honorable Mention: Picture Books 5 & Younger + Animals/Pets

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Runner-up: Children's Healing Horses

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Runner-up: Children's Inspirational

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"Luna gave me a big sloppy donut kiss. My face felt sticky and I smiled so wide. Luna bowed her head to thank me for making her a unicorn.

Luna told me to look up at the sky every night. If I saw a blue star, that was her horn. She would see me and smile right back.

I watched Luna fly away, over the unicorn forest, but I was not sad. I knew she would always be close by, and would be happy as a unicorn."


"This book is a must-own for all children. It very poignantly addresses the subject of loss for young readers, and the never-ending relationships we create with those we love. Another masterful work by Diana Tuorto, and a wonderful new addition to any home or public collection."

—Jennifer Williams, NY

"My five year old daughter and I loved this beautiful story. It is well written and easy to understand for young readers. We enjoyed the illustrations as well. I highly recommend adding this to your library for all horse and unicorn lovers!"

—Lori Cunningham Petrone, NJ

"We lost our stepfather in October 2020 and our 4 year-old daughter was having a hard time understanding the loss of her Papa. This book helped breach the topic in a sweet, easily understandable way that helped bridge the conversation.

I received the book shortly after his passing and had a hard time getting through the story as an adult because it was too raw at the time. We waited for Christmas and approached it when the loss was less "new."

Our daughter frequently asks to read this book and has memorized a few pages already because it has her favorite topics...donuts and unicorns! Highly recommend."

—Allison Kontur, OH

"I ordered this for a friend’s daughter who loves unicorns. She is in kindergarten so will be learning to read soon. I had to read it myself. Sweet story, I’m sure she will love it too! The illustrations were fun, too."

—Candice Moleff, NJ

"A wonderful book for children and all equine lovers!"

—Laura Klutey, KY

"In How Angel Horses Become Unicorns by Diana Tuorto, we are introduced to a little girl named Gianna who adores her horse named Luna. She loves to talk about all the activities they do together as well as some of Luna’s favorites. One day Luna wasn’t feeling well and it turned out there was a serious condition called Founder which causes severe pain, leading to permanent damage to the hoof, and can be life-threatening. Sadly enough, it got to the point where Luna was in so much pain that Gianna’s mom told her it was time to let the horse go and be an angel where she wouldn’t be suffering. The little girl was inconsolable as she lost her very best friend. The night Luna died she had come to Gianna in a dream and asked to be made into a beautiful unicorn. She fed her doughnuts and soon Luna was a gorgeous mythological creature. Luna thanked her human friend and told her to look up at the sky every night and if she saw a blue star then that was a sign that Luna was looking down on her.

How Angel Horses Become Unicorns is such a beautifully tragic tale that I feel so many children and even adults can relate to. It breaks our hearts when we lose a beloved pet just as Gianna had lost her horse, but it’s something that we will all experience at one point or another in our lives. I found it a great book because it lets kids know that they aren’t alone and their feelings are valid. Even adults have a hard time letting go of those we hold dear. It was written so warmly that you automatically found yourself sympathizing and feeling Gianna’s pain. The end also shows that even though Luna may not be with her physically, she was still there in spirit. The illustrations are also amazing and fit perfectly with the storyline. I haven’t come across too many kids' books that have described and discussed death in such an effective way that a child would understand. I think Diana Tuorto has done a wonderful job with this book and I can’t wait to read more of her work."

—Tiffany Ferrell for Readers' Favorite

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