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Janie's New Legs

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Janie's New Legs© (ISBN: 1-4196-9142-2) is the heartwarming story of Silver, a shy pony, rescued from abuse and neglect, and Janie, a fragile young girl, paralyzed from a car accident. Janie meets Silver at a handicapped riding facility, where she goes to escape the constant confinement of her wheelchair. An extraordinary friendship soon develops and the two gradually begin the road to healing and recovery together.

Janie's New Legs covers a ten year span of Janie and Silver's special bond, while tackling all of the adversities that life throws at them. The story demonstrates that, no matter how difficult the obstacles appear, friendship and love can rise above anything.

Written from Silver's point of view, Janie's New Legs is Diana's second novel, which she began writing at age 16.

Proceeds from Janie's New Legs benefit Mane Stream and Mylestone Equine Rescue, a New Jersey-based horse rescue for all breeds.

Cover Art by Barrie Maguire.

Excerpt from Janie's New Legs©

"The girl and I locked eyes for a moment and stared at each other. To me, her eyes felt sad, even scared, but with a certain strength underneath them. I could tell that like me, she felt beaten, but like me, she wasn’t going to lie down and give in.

The girl continued to rolled her wheelchair down the aisle and stopped right in front of me. I had never seen this type of metal device before, especially up close, so I snorted and pulled away.

'Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of you,' said the girl. 'And I won’t hurt you.'

She extended her arm towards me. I hesitated at first, but eventually reached out and nuzzled her small hand, which smelled like lavender. The girl's warm fingers opened to reveal a carrot. I gently took it in my mouth.

'Hi pretty boy,' the girl whispered. 'I’m Janie.'"

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