1 Let The Horses Die
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Let The Horses Die

Let The Horses Die© (ISBN: 1-4196-2670-1) is a collection of honest and thought-provoking poetry.

The poems in Let The Horses Die detail a young woman's journey from a teenager to adulthood, chronicling a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences along the way. From feelings of despair and anger come resilience and strength. Inspired by such notable poets as Edgar Allen Poe, Maya Angelou and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (to name a few), Diana's poems serve as a personal collection of moments that many young people have experienced.

Incredibly open and direct, this poetry collection includes Diana's best works, from a shy, seventeen year-old student to a mature twenty-five year-old.

Cover Art by Karen Elizabeth Stober

Excerpt from Let The Horses Die©

Let The Horses Die (2001)

I let a horse die today.
He wasn’t the only one.
I close my eyes, and I can see.
The hot, cramped pens,
Bodies crushed together,
Bodies worth less than a can of dog food.

I can hear the helpless whinnies,
As they echo against the steel ceiling.
And I know he’s there,
Waiting for us,
But we won’t come.

He’s wondering why he’s there now.
Why his soft bedding and food are gone.
Why the children he made happy,
Didn’t love him, didn’t come.
He’s swallowing dust for air now,
As he is slammed against the wall.
But he still hangs on after all these years,
Of fierce hits and violent tongues.

What did I give him in return?
Nothing that I promised.
I was working far too slowly,
To find him a place called home,
But he was shipped away in twilight,
Far away, to parts unknown.

But I was just too lazy,
To have someone save him.
I needed just one person,
And he could be alive.
But now, he stands there waiting.
And I would find him, if I could.

Two Virgins (2002)

What is your biggest fear?
Mine is to be lying next to a man,
Staring deeply into his eyes,
For the first time, I realize
That he loves me the same way I do,
Completely, no doubts or reasons why,
Or why it shouldn’t be,

At that moment, all the excuses and lies
I’ve used to cover myself from piercing looks
No longer protect me,
I am a naked virgin again, and so is he,
Exposed and terrified to breathe,
We’re on full display to each other,
There is no distance, nothing held back,

You could never let yourself feel this way,
You’re petrified of honesty,
Your true self cowering under a façade of laughter,
And disapproving looks,
You will always be a lonely child,
Running from the monster underneath your bed,
Clutching your velvet blanket around your chest,
Eyes clamped tightly, as the demon
Showers you with kisses,
For they burn your skin, like alcohol to open wounds,

Still, I can no longer pretend to be a scaly beast,
Hiding in the depths, just waiting for my chance,
A single moment to strike, when you’re least expecting it,
I leave you here, alone and shivering with frost,
The lights are on, and you’re safe now...

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