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My Desert Sun

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My Desert Sun© (ISBN: 1-4392-3237-7) is the story of Cayuse, a young, free-spirited mustang who lives in the desert and mountains of the American Southwest. While life in the desert is often peaceful and serene, Cayuse spends many days merely fighting for survival. However, he soon learns that survival among mankind is much more difficult.

After his herd is rounded up and separated, Cayuse is determined to find his freedom in the wilderness again. He struggles through each grueling experience; from his days at a rancher’s farm to life as a bucking rodeo bronco, Cayuse’s will is tested at every turn. One unlikely friendship will be his only salvation.

My Desert Sun is a story for all ages, dealing with various important issues; from the plight of the diminishing herds of the American mustang, to abuse (of animals and humans alike), to the endless fight for freedom, no matter what the cost.

Written from Cayuse's point of view, My Desert Sun is Diana's first novel, which she began writing at age 12.

Proceeds from My Desert Sun benefit Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, Inc. and Return to Freedom, two California-based wild horse rescues.

Cover Art by Karen Elizabeth Stober

Excerpt from My Desert Sun©

"The only place I have ever felt at home is the desert. The hot, dusty trails of the southwest may seem barren and useless to most, but to me it is complete paradise. I had become accustomed to the sound of the coyote as he would sing himself to sleep. It was second nature that the hot, dry sun would soon set into a cold, windy night. The pure, innocent beauty that surrounded me could never be duplicated. This was possibly the only place left that man had not destroyed. Instead, man chose to destroy our herds.

Ever since I was a foal, I had been filled with stories of the first mustangs that broke free from their powerful masters. A mustang’s greatest, and perhaps only, treasure was his freedom, and he had to protect it at all costs in order to survive. Chickasaw, the old albino stallion who lead our herd, would always say, 'Cayuse, there is no more pathetic site than that of a broken mustang. The fire is gone from his eyes along with the speed of his gait. The only thing that remains is the shell of a once strong and proud horse.'"

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