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"In an effort to revamp the more traditional school book fair, we decided to create an event focused on reading for an entire week. Thus, Literacy Week was born.

We were thrilled to find local authors who were willing to share with us their stories, of which Diana was one. She dedicated an entire day to us, traveling from one campus to another, to read to our students and sign their purchased books. We were impressed to find so many horse lovers in our community, but even if you had no love of horses before Diana read, you certainly did by the time that you were introduced to her stories. Thank you, Diana!"

-Rebecca Nichols, Stevens Cooperative School, Newport/Hoboken, NJ

"We have always been happy to have book signings by Diana at Greene's Beans Cafe. She, her books, and her friends are happy additions to the ambiance of our shops. We wish you continued success, Diana, with your literary career and your efforts to care for our equine friends, their owners, and their riders."

-David W. Greene, Greene's Beans Cafe, Sparta/Hackettstown, NJ

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